Privacy policy

The following privacy policy is what governs Check Best Coupons' manner of collection, usage, maintenance and disclosure of all information obtained from users of its website. The privacy policy applies to the website, plus any and all services and products offered within by Check Best Coupons.

Information Regarding Personal Identification

Check Best Coupons may gather any information regarding a user's personal identification in a number of different ways. These ways include, but are not limited to, a user's visitation to the site, their registration to the site, any orders they place, newsletter subscriptions, all forms filled out, and any connections with resources, services and other features that have been made available through the website.

We reserve the right to ask for a user's phone number, name, email address, home address, Social Security number, or credit card information as we deem appropriate. However, a user's visits to our site are anonymous. A user's personal information is only collected after they voluntarily allow the information to be submitted to Check Best Coupons. A user has the right to refuse to surrender their personal information. A refusal may prevent from being able to fully access the website.

Information Regarding Non Personal Identification

Check Best Coupons may also collect any necessary non personal user identification during their site interactions. This information may include the type of computer being used or the name of their Web browser. Also included under this classification is the operating system used, the means of website connection and the online service provider's name.

Web Browsing Cookies

The website may use certain cookies, which meant to deliver an enhanced experience to the user. A user's browser typically places cookies on their hard drive, for the purposes of record keeping and occasional information tracking. The user is able to set their browser to disallow cookies or provide alerts as to when they are being sent. If the browser is set up as such, all areas of the website may not function as they should.

Our Use Of Collected Information

Check Best Coupons reserves the right to use and collect the personal information of its website users for these purposes:

Running promotions, surveys and contests.

Sending its users topical information they've already agreed to receive due its interest to them.

Sending emails periodically to deliver updates and information to users as it pertains to orders they've made.

Protection Of Your Information

Our policy is to adopt all of the proper data processing, storing, and collection practices to allow maximum protection against the destruction, unwanted access, altering or disclosing of any information that is personal in nature.

This includes your passwords, information regarding transactions, usernames, and any data of yours that has been stored in the site. Any private, sensitive data that is exchanged between our users and our website is secured by a SSL communication outlet, encrypted and giving top notch signature protection. PCI vulnerability is taken seriously and our website is in full compliance with their standards, with the objective of providing a secure user environment.

Personal Information Sharing

There is no trading, rental or selling of our users' personal information to any other companies. Check Best Coupons may share certain generic demographic information with advertisers, business partners or our most trusted affiliates that has already been aggregated, but none of it is linked to your personal information.

Third Party Websites

Advertising contained within our site may link to other services and sites of our suppliers, sponsors advertisers, or any other possible third parties. We do not exercise any level of control over the content contained within links contained on these sites. We assume no responsibility for any other website's practices.

Additionally, these services and/or websites are in a constant state of change. They operate under their own policies regarding privacy and customer service. By browsing other websites, you are subject to their policies and terms of usage.


Ads seen by a Check Best Coupons user are delivered by our website's partners in advertising and may have cookies. Cookies enable ad servers to recognize your personal computer and tailor online advertisements accordingly. Cookies are also used in order to compile any information on the users of the computer that is non personal in nature.

Advertising networks then use the information to create advertisements that are specific to the user's interests. Our privacy policy does not include advertiser cookie usage.

Privacy Policy Changes

Our website is able to update their privacy policy at any time. Upon updating the policy, users are contacted by email. Users are strongly encouraged to check the page on a frequent basis to stay informed about potential changes we're making that will aid in the protection of your personal information. You are acknowledging and agreeing to the fact that it is your personal responsibility to regularly review the privacy policy and stay aware of modifications.

Acceptance Of Terms

Your usage of this site signifies that you accept this policy. In such a case that you do not agree, you are encouraged to discontinue your usage of the site. By continuing to use our website, you are giving your acceptance of all changes.

Contact Us

We can be contacted at either or you can call or email Jesus Sanchez. The phone number is 408-471-8047, and the email address is